The Agency

The story behind Starlabel.

Starlabel is not just a creative agency.

At StarLabel, we strive to create meaningful and beautiful brands, products and services to advance the human experience. We believe that the future & the market can be moved, touched and changed by ambitious people, who work with the best expertises in design & marketing firms.. Our work is our lifestyle and Our teams is our family.

Our Services


We offers search engine optimization for your products from campaign, content writing, google ranking, product visibility. We put your product above the competitor and increasing your product value.

Web Design

We design creative responsive websites and web applications. Our team of developers turn clients ideas into creative intelligent solutions. Meeting the needs of our clients is our top-most priority.

Digital Marketing

We offer services like targeted advertising to suite your budget. From SEO and paid search, social media management, email marketing, rich media, campaign monitoring and analytic. We put your product on the global market.

Mobile Apps

We design and develop native and hybrid mobile applications. With creativity and intellectual experience of our team of developers, we collaborate with clients to deliver a professional global product.

Creative designs

We deliver a professional strong memorable brand identity, logotype, symbols, typography, color palette, app icons, iconography, illustration, brand guides and infographics. Join us to give your product an international brand identity.

Brand Strategy

Do you need your product to get to your target potential clients or customers?. Get on board to our calculated, well tested brand strategy now to get you there!!!.

An endless enthusiasim

We love what we do. Our work is our passion. Our #team of developers are highly skilled and excellent at our profession. We combine creativity and experience to develop clients works to perfection with the simplest touch.

We devide complex clients ideas among our team so as to focus, collaborate and build the most quality and secured product to give clients maximum satisfaction.

Design is not easy

Designing a product to make first and leave lasting impressions is not an easy task. At STARLABEL, we do not just do design, design is our way of life.

Building great and inspiring design works is what we do and live. We have built and designed great product for most influential businesses, making flobal impact. Our work is not a job to us because is our passion and we live it.

Our gurus

Samanhyia Moses
+233 501232003
Danis Djan
Coder & developer
+233 241670746
Instagram: @dannisdjan
Aaron Ampofo
Project manager
+233 272 255 426
Instagram: @aaronampofo
Ameen Alade
Web designer
+233 237275583
Instagram: @ameenasia

Starlabel, growing businesses at affordable competitive price.